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Gemix is one of the most interesting and creative slot games out there. It combines classic slot features, as bonus rounds, wilds, paylines, with match 5 games everyone plays on their phones. With three levels that players can advance through PlaynGo really made a great breakthrough with this new kind of video slot game. Play Gemix for free now and enjoy some of the greatest bonus features online gambling has to offer.

Gemix Slot Review

Gemix is not the first slots game to combine two gaming styles. But this game really is something special. Combining classic slot game with adventure and match 5 games it is an exciting journey through a world of magic.

This game has 7×7 playboard instead of the classic reels. You start the game with 49 symbols on the playboard and the goal is to connect at least 5 of a kind adjacent. Vertically and horizontally, the diagonal ones are not counted. When 5 or more gems are connected they disappear and fill the charges bar on the right. New gems than fall on their place allowing new combinations and connections. Round ends when no more connections are made. And, if you get more than 20 crystals connected per one round, you fill the charge meter and you get one of the super powers.

Behind the gems, on the playboard, you can see the blue squares pattern. When you land wins on this pattern the squares become orange. Then, when the whole pattern is turned orange, you proceed to another level and another pattern. When 3 patterns are filled you are moved to a new world which has whole new features.

In the lower part of the screen, there is a controls bar. On it, you can adjust the bet size, enter the paytable menu and select the autoplay option. Also, in the right corner of the bar, there is a start button. It acts as a spin button and starts up the round. When you start winning the total win size is shown on the blue screen just above the bet buttons.


The game is set in a magical environment of an enchanted forest. Smooth and minimalistic animation made this game highly relaxing and suitable for longer play. Symbols are small crystals that can come in shapes of a star, a heart, a crescent moon, a flower, a pentagon, a square, a triangle and a rectangle. Laid back atmosphere and down tempo music make this game an excellent choice for any type of a slots player.

Bonus Features

Gemix slot is all about the bonus features. New levels, wild symbols, special-power ups , this slot is packed with them.

Christal Charge is a super power activated when winning. When charged with 20 symbols one of the four power ups is triggered. Nova Blast makes one symbol explode, destroying and transforming adjacent symbols. Crystal Warp targets one symbol and warps it to other symbols. Light Beam hits symbols and turns them to other signs. Chain Lightning connects two corner symbols with a lightning bolt and changes all the hit symbols to one in the corner.

By winning on the marked spots of the playground the player clears the level patterns. Filling 3 of those level patterns moves you to the next world of the game.  Every world awards you with a World Bonus.

World Wilds can appear randomly on non-winning game rounds. Every world has its own wild symbol that can substitute any other symbol on the playfield. World 1 has wilds that can appear up to 10 times on a non-winning round. Wilds in World 2 can spread from edge to edge. And in World 3 wilds are sticky and can appear up to the 8 times per round.


In Summary

Gemix slot is not just another casino game. This is a combination of slots and adventure sure to keep you playing for a long time. With high payouts and lots of unique bonus features Gemix is a slot worth playing. Use your free spins and check out this magnificent casino game absolutely free here on

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