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Welcome to the fabulous world of dragons and knights. However, do not expect The Game of Thrones kind of plot. The story behind A Dragon’s Story slots is fun and bright. It revolves around Ruff the dragon, who protects the fortune in his lair. His nemesis is evil sir William, the knight in not so shiny armour. By spinning the reels, you will help Ruff and of course, win yourself some money.

A Dragon’s Story Online Game Review

A Dragon’s Story is an online casino jackpot game designed by NextGen Gaming. It is a 5 reel slot with 25 paylines which includes many attractive and enjoyable bonus features. It has all of the standard control buttons, nicely positioned on the screen, large enough, so even the newbies would find their way around.

Next Gen really gave its best in creating this casino game. The main element in this slot game, that sets it apart from other slots, is the Superbet option. When you play, this button gives you a possibility to enhance your wager, and it can be adjusted with ease in the bottom part of the screen, below the reels. Bonuses are generous, and so are the other features, which you’ll find out once you play this marvelous game.

This online casino game is also available on mobile devices, and it has all the features and amazing graphics as on full PC screen.


Our main character, Ruff, is the big red dragon, but we’ll admit – it doesn’t look intimidating as dragons usually do. This dragon is a very cartoon-like creature, and so is sir William. They look like a really funny couple, like characters from the old Warner Bros cartoons, and that’s one of the things that make this game so appealing.

The “spin” button is beautifully design, as a chest filled with golden coins that glow marvelously. After pressing the “superbet” button, three small dragons will appear on the screen. They are gloomy and angry little creatures, but that is what makes them so hilarious and cute. When the Wild appears, they spit fire.

The Wild icon is Ruff himself, designed in a really nice manner. It moves and you really feel the 3D effect when it’s on the screen. The Scattered Jewels symbol is also wonderfully designed – it is of bright purple colour and it spins with attractive effects.

Music is the tool that is crucial in taking you back to old times. The main tune is slow, medieval melody, but when the reels are turning, the music is also cheering up, but in the same, old fashion style.

Bonus Features

A Dragon’s Tale slots has many engaging bonus features, and it is enjoyable to play. The symbol that will bring you free games and multipliers it the Scattered Jewels icon. If the three of them land anywhere on the reels, it will double your wins and you’ll be rewarded with ten free spins.

Wild Dragons can replace any other symbol but the bonus symbols, and wilds can also enhance reels during the Superbet. While playing, keep in mind that superbet will give you better opportunity to win, in comparison to ordinary bet.

Although Sir William is the main villain in this story, as we all cheer for the dragon, there is a feature called the Brave Sir William Bonus. This bonus activates randomly, it can appear after any winning spin. This feature also has an engaging story – Sir William will try to enter Ruff’s lair in an attempt to steal his fortune. You will help Ruff to defend his home by choosing the fireball which Ruff will blow on Sir William. The goal is to make the brave knight drop the stolen gold, and the more he drops, the bigger your win is.

Ruff will appreciate your help, so try and find Sir William’s armour, or bring the evil knight directly to Ruff and your win will enhance up to 500 times. If you recover Ruff’s treasure, the kind-hearted dragon will award you with a bonus, by increasing your win by 1,000 times.

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If you enjoy dragons, knights and medieval stories, you will love this casino slot game. Maybe 25 payslots do not sound like much, but remember, if you use the “superbet” feature, you’ll have much bigger chances of winning sizable amounts of money. A Dragon’s Story slots is definitely the hit online casino game of the 2017, so do not miss the chance to play it. Many casinos will give you an opportunity play this game free, with no deposit, so go ahead, help Ruff in his adventure, you’ll enjoy it for sure!

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