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Playing an online casino slots game has never been funnier. Set in deep space surroundings, this 5 reels video slot offers you 40 different paylines in a regular game and 1024 ways to win in a free spins games. Bonus features and high payouts in this Microgaming gem are sure to keep any player entertained for a long time. Play this magnificent casino slots game for free, here at

Stardust Casino Slot Game Review

At the beginning of the game, the casino welcomes every player with 100 000 free demo credits. Choosing the bet size is available at the bet button right next to the credits display. On the win button, you can see the size of your winnings and open up a win history screen. It displays the top 5 wins and biggest recent wins. In the upper right corner of the play screen, players can enter a pays menu. It’s a menu where players can learn about all the bonuses, game scoring, and rules.

In the lower right corner of the play screen, you can see the file icon. When clicked on, it opens up a game menu with three links: Options, Help, and Stats. Along the right side of the fifth reel, there is a Stardust meter. While you play, the meter is being filled with gems.  When the Stardust meter is full, you enter a free spins bonus round.

Besides the regular signs, there are two special signs in the game.The wild sign which is displayed as a Stardust logo, and the gem collecting sign pictured as a colorful galaxy. When this sign is on reel 3, it can collect one gem per reel. These gems then fill the Stardust meter which opens up a free spins bonus game.

Packed with lots of bonus features this casino slots game is really fun to play, beside the chance to earn some cash. Free spins are yours to take, here at


Futuristic and deep space graphics combined with the laid back music give you the feeling of relaxed floating through the infinity of space. Warm colors within the play screen don’t affect your eyes during the gameplay which is a good thing for those of you who spend a lot of time playing. Microgaming really did a great job with this online casino slot, play it for free and set off on an exciting deep space adventure.

Bonus features

The wild sign is the sign which can be a substitute for any other sign in this casino game, except for the gem collecting sign. It’s represented as a Stardust logo. It appears randomly on reels during play. Combined with other signs it can bring you nice payouts.

Galaxy signs appear all over the game screen, but you only want them on the third reel. When on the third reel, this sign acts as a gem collector. It collects gems from other reels, one gem per reel. Gems then go to fill the Stardust meter on the right. When 10 gems are collected, the bonus round of free spins begins.

Free spins bonus round begins when the Stardust meter is full. This round can bring you up to 13 free spins. With 1024 ways to win in this round this is an excellent chance for players to win big.  In this free spins bonus feature, you can also get a Radiant Re-Spin bonus. Radiant re-spin can respin reels 4 and 5 after a 3 symbols win to increase the payout size. Also, on a 4 symbol win, it adds another spin on reel 5.


In Summary

Stardust is for sure one of the finest casino slot games out there. Laid back atmosphere and lots of bonus features are sure to keep any player interested and playing it for a long time. New frontier and deep space exploration are the future, and the future is now! Get your starship ticket and play this amazing casino slots game for free here at

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Stardust slot


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