Released in December 2011, Immortal Romance is one of the most successful games in the Microgaming family. This five reels dark tale about love and intrigue introduces us to its four characters who all have different features. Basically, this game is a copy of another Microgaming slot game called Thunderstruck II, but with much larger payouts. Play with Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah and use their magic to win great prizes for free here on

Immortal Romance Online Slots Review

Before going for a first spin in your Immortal Romance adventure make sure that you adjust your bet size. In the lower left corner of  the screen, there are plus and minus signs which allow the player to increase or decrease the denomination of the bet. Choose a number coins you wish to gamble with on the coins button and hit the spin button at the lower right corner. Along with the ordinary symbols, there are two special symbols in this game. The wild symbol and the scatter symbol. When the symbol of the Immortal Romance game pops up, that’s the wild symbol. It can be a replacement for any other symbol in the game, except for the scatter symbol. It is also a 2x multiplier when you use it in your winning line.

The scatter symbol which comes in a form of a door knocker with a lion’s head brings you the scatter payout. Two or more of these will raise your payout depending on the number of the scatter symbols you got. Also, three or more of these symbols open the chamber of spins.


Set in gothic surroundings this slot game gives you the haunting feeling of discovering an ancient mystery. With gargoyles on both sides watching your every move there isn’t much space for mistakes. Reel signs are also gothic themed representing letters and portraits of all four characters.In-game music with its chilling effect completes the feeling of a mystery yet to be uncovered.

The chamber of spins

The chamber of spins contains four chambers for  each character in the game. Amber the witch awaits you in the first chamber. She gives you 10 free spins with a multiplier of 5x. When you reach five bonus rounds game sends you to the next chamber. This chamber is ruled by the vampire named Troy. The award every player gets from him is 15 new free spins. There is also a chance for vampire bats to show up who add a multiplier bonus from 2x to 6x to the reels.

When you reach 10 bonus rounds you move to the next chamber hosted by a vampire named Michael.This 800 years old immortal gives you a 5x multiplier along with 20 new free spins. Finally, after reaching the fifteenth bonus round the player meets beautiful Sarah. 25 free spins are waiting for you within Sarah’s domain. She also grants every player with a chance of getting a wild vine sign in the third reel which randomly changes any sign into wilds. At this stage, the player can also get new free spins by getting 2 or more scatter signs.

Bonus Features

Scatter sign triggers a payout depending on a number of signs a player gets. It also unlocks the chamber of spins that holds four different chambers with bonuses.
Wild sign can be a substitute for any sign in a winning combination. This sign is also a 2x multiplier when used in combination with other signs.
Wild Desire Bonus is a random bonus. When this bonus shows up, the game stops. Wild signs start to appear randomly on reels showing up on 1 to 5 reels at the time. This feature gives you a great chance to win big. But, the Wild desire bonus comes not so often in the game.
Chamber bonuses are bonuses which the player gets within every chamber. The bonus depends on a character hosting the chamber. Amber grants you with the 10 free spins bonus and a 5x multiplier. Troy is giving you 15 free spins and a chance to be visited by vampire bats who can multiply your win 2x, 3x or even 6x. Michael gives you the bonus of 20 free spins and a 5x multiplier, and Sarah is giving away 25 free spins and a chance of getting even more free spins by collecting scatter signs.

immortal romance

In Summary

Immortal romance is one of the leanest slots games in the huge slots universe. It is also one of the most played games to come out of the Microgaming platform. With its haunting atmosphere and lots of bonuses and ways to multiply your earnings, this game is a great choice for start-up players as for experienced players too.

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