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Who remembers the good old gaming days with Mario Bros and its 8-bit company? Well, this pixelated, retro gem from iSoftBet sends us back to those Sega and Nintendo days. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, Mega Boy slot is payout just waiting to happen. You can play Mega Boy casino slots game for free here at

Mega Boy Casino Slot Game Review

What would it be like to play casino slots on an 80’ console? Well, Mega Boy Slot gives you the answer. Aside from its catchy animations and retro style this game has some of the most interesting bonus features that online video games can offer. But before you hit the spin button, there are few things that need to be determined.

First of all, obviously, is the bet size adjustment. This can be done on the “coin value” button in the lower part of the screen. On the left from it, you can see the “i” icon. When clicked on, it opens up an information window. Here you can learn all of the payline combinations, special symbols and in game scoring.

On both sides of the game board there are all the possible paylines marked with a number. When hovered over, they show the exact win line on the reels. In the upper left corner there is a full-screen button. On the opposite side of it there is a settings icon. It opens up a slide menu with in-game sound options.


If you ever wondered how it would be like to play a video slot on some of the 80’ consoles, iSoftBet gave you the answer. Their Mega Boy slots game is set in a pixelized world where coins fall from the sky and bonuses are waiting behind every corner. Mario Bros. like graphics and 8-bit music gives you the feeling we all had playing those classic games. Animations are cute and symbols are designed to enhance the retro vibe that Mega Boy slots is all about.

Mega Boy

Bonus Features

The wild symbol is pictured as a tiny cartoon explosion with a word wild on it. This symbol can be a substitute for any other symbol on a payline. This can be a great help when it comes to paylines connecting and winning lots of extra coins.

Level 1 bonus feature is activated when a blue character wild lands in the middle of the third reel. This 10 free spins bonus feature has some great power ups in it. It gives you a chance of 2x multiplier for any win line. Wilds can copy vertically and horizontally changing symbols on the right and left, above and below into wild signs. There’s a chance of extended wild power up, which covers the whole reel with wild symbols. And finally, the power up that changes all symbols of one type into wild sings. This feature ends when all the free spins are used up.

Level 2 bonus feature activates when a purple wild sign is landed in the center of the play screen. That triggers the 10 free spins bonus round with lots of magnificent power ups. In this feature you have a chance of getting a 3x multiplier for all winning lines. Also, there is a chance of wilds copy power up, which copies wilds diagonally. The third possible power up is copying wilds horizontally left and right from them. And the last special power up turns symbols into the wild signs randomly on the reels.


In Summary

Mega Boy slot is just too cute not to play it. This is one of the most played slots that came out of iSoftBet games. With its retro vibe and great bonus games this casino slots game is sure to keep those old school players spinning the reels for some time. Also, for the younger players, this game can be a great chance to feel the excitement of the games their fathers played. All and all, this was a funny game to play, so be sure to take this slot for a spin. Use your free spins and play Mega Boy slots for free, here at

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Mega Boy Slot


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