You Would Have Never Guessed THESE CELEBRITIES Are Notorious Gamblers

You Would Have Never Guessed THESE CELEBRITIES Are Notorious Gamblers

Although occasionally traveling to Vegas for a little poker, spending a day enjoying your online slots machines or enjoying a few sports betting activities won’t really land you an addiction, turning these joys into a commodity and an often exercised habit – will. Little did these celebrities know when they first stepped foot into a casino that they would end up on our page branded “notorious gamblers”. Oh well.

There’s no need for us to go into the elaborate tale of how dangerous gambling can get, correct? You know better than that, we’ve got no doubt. After all, gambling should be a form of entertainment for a cluttered mind, not a coping method or any form of escapism. As long as it’s treated as yet another form of entertainment – you are safe. And if you happen to win a little money in the process, great!

And, as for these celebrities… we certainly hope they’ll recover from the addiction soon enough. In the meantime, we’ll list them out for your reading pleasure:

Matt Damon

One of those husband-and-father-next door-guys, Matt Damon is what you easily may call a role model of modern family. Well, until his addiction kicks in. He keeps away from the spotlight and loves enjoying family time but when it comes to high-stake gambling, he is the one to point a finger at. Apparently, Matt was part of a multi-million dollar gambling ring, playing with some of the world’s wealthiest men and women around. Still, it’s not only that he indulged the game, he was also sued for it! Two of his great friends Ben Affleck and Toby Maguire joined him in this very expensive sport… and also made our list.

Ray Romano

Well, sure, everybody loves Raymond, but do they know he suffers from a gambling addiction? It was a shock for everyone to learn that the character he played in “Men of a Certain Age,” was actually based on his own struggles. For those of you who haven’t seen the film, the lead is overcoming a gambling addiction and the plot line covers all the hardships of such an experience. No one would have guessed that Ray, out of all the celebs out there, suffers from a gambling addiction, right? The good news is that the actor is now believed to have worked through the most difficult aspect of the problem at this point.

Celebrities with gambling addiction

Tobey Maguire

Oh, you know Tobey – that innocent, sweet and soft-spoken Spiderman guy? Well, he’s an addicted gambler. What is more, back in 2011 he was sued for taking part in an illegal poker ring that runs in the multi-millions. Good thing is that Tobey has been very open about his problem with gambling but also his love for poker, too.

Shannon Elizabeth

We rarely ever recall her by name but rather go by “that girl from ‘American Pie’”, right? Well, call her Shannon or Pie girl, the fact she’s an avid poker player will stand true, anyhow. Rumor in Hollywood has it that Ms Shannon runs an illegal poker ring from her home with plenty of her colleagues asking to participate. Although there hasn’t been a solid proof of this poker ring being for real, we kind of have a feeling it’s running in a full speed.

Charles Barkley

One of the greatest NBA players of all time, Charles Barkley will for sure always be our favorite athlete. However, even the best of them crack at some point. Barkley has openly spoken to the press about his gambling addiction, admitting that gambling and betting has cost him over £8 million to date. You think the mere realisation of things made him/helped him quit? Nope. He’s still at it in full speed.

Gladys Knight

Just one of the most famous songstresses in the world, Gladys Knight shocked the entire world (or at least all of her fans) when she opened up in her autobiography, admitting she’s been struggling with gambling addiction. Apparently, her addiction has been taking a toll on her for over a decade and she’s been seeking counsel for her addictions when temptation strikes.

Celebrities with gambling addiction

Ben Affleck

So, what do we know about Ben Affleck? He’s hot, he’s charming and he’s no longer with Jennifer Garner. But little did we know that, just like his famous friend Matt Damon, Mr Affleck has also been suffering from a gambling addiction! He even went to rehab back in 2001, trying to overcome his gambling and alcohol addictions. Although we’d love to stay in positive spirits and say he’s alright now, we can’t be sure.

Michael Jordan

Apparently, the fact you are one of the best (if not THE BEST) athletes of all time doesn’t save you from battling serious personal demons. Our favorite basketball player and the most famous NBA star of all time – Michael Jordan – has a gambling addiction. There was a very interesting rumor around his name at the time he retired; it was speculated that his retirement was due to a serious gambling problem! We can’t be sure how serious this problem was but if it caused him to retire, we assume things may have been pretty big.

Celebrities with gambling addiction

Michael Phelps

This phenomenal swimmer and an Olympic gold medalist is feared to have been suffering from a gambling addiction. Everyone knows he enjoys his time around a table betting, but lately there have been talks about this “fun” hobby turning into a more dangerous adventure. The moment we have anything confirmed, we’ll let you know.

Celebrities with gambling addiction

Charlie Sheen

If we know Charlie, we’ll all agree that there isn’t an actor out there (or any other public figure of that matter) that’s as crazed as he is! Gambling is just one of his addictions, along with alcohol, sex and pretty much everything else you can remember to name. As his ex-wife Denise Richards once leaked the information – Charlie used to spend around £16,000 per week on sports bets. Wow!

The list surely doesn’t end here (we bet there are plenty more public figures out there handling their gambling addictions as we speak) but we’ll still call it quits at this point. We hope our dear celebrities will manage to keep their addictions under control.

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