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Do you miss the simple, classic, old fashion slots? Are you tired of the new, loud and wild online casino games? If so, Winstar jackpot game is the right choice for you. This game is the real gem – no special video effects, animations, 3D or other modern features, just a plain and simple slot that true lovers of gaming will appreciate.  
Yes, it is 2017, and online games are more and more futuristic, but let’s go back to the basics.

Winstar Slot Review

Winstar is a progressive jackpot game, very simple but stimulating. This game is one of the best of its kind, and it is inspired by the fruit machines, the ones you can still see in real Vegas casinos.

Winstar slot has only ten paylines, but you will forget about this low number once you try all of the Winstar’s attractive features. You can also play this slot on any mobile device.

There are only three control buttons under the reels. You can set the Total bet you wish to stake and adjust the Autoplay option. After that, spin the reels, and enjoy. If you want to check the paylines, click the Paytable button, which contains clear instructions for the game.

The paying icons are letters, numbers and stars. The stars, in red, blue, green and silver colour, are the highest paying symbols. In order to win, you will need to land at least three of them. The silver star carries the highest value, red is somewhat lower, and the blue and green are the lowest ones. The letters and numbers are not of big value, but can bring you decent winnings.


The design of Winstar slot is plain and simple. The story is set in space, with bright stars, flashing lights and range of colours of the Aurora Borealis northern lights.  

The card deck letters and numbers are nicely designed, in brilliant colours, but without any effects. There is also a silver star, but it doesn’t have any special “power.”

The mystery symbol is the only one that has special look. It is a gold star which spins on the reels. Once it’s done spinning, the letters or numbers will be revealed under it.

This casino game has no music, only sound effects during the spins. This enhances the retro feeling and ambience, also, you will be able to focus better, without the distractions of the loud and sometimes boring tunes.

Bonus Features

At first glance, this game does not appear to be that interesting and exciting, and maybe you wonder “why should I play it”. Well, not everything is in the looks, there is something in the special bonuses.

The mystery symbol, as we already said, is the gold star. It will appear on the reels, only to quickly change its form to a card letter, number or a star. It usually comes stacked and it will bring excellent combos, the ones that can get you very lucrative wins. The silver star is the highest paying symbol which, if it fills the line on every reel, can raise your bet 500 times.

One of the finest features of this game is the gold reels bonus. During the spins, some of the reels will randomly turn golden around the edges. If all five reels turn to gold, you will win the progressive jackpot. Remember, a gold reel is a different thing from a gold star, so do not confuse these two symbols. The great thing about the progressive jackpot is that it grows by four percent after every spin you do not win, so even if you’re currently out of luck, there is a positive side to it.


In Summary

In the ever changing world of online gambling, it is of great importance to nurture the classics. What is the game of luck if not the old machine slot, with the big handle you need the strength to pool, or the sound of real reels spinning, with money hitting the metal pot while you’re experiencing the pure joy combined with the adrenaline rush. This game is all that, but online. There will be no distractions,

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